Is Your Life Too Busy?

STOP The Merry-Go-Round… I Want To Get OFF!

Haven’t you ever wanted to just say “STOP… I need to get off!” with your life being one constant go-go-go-go?



According to statistics and findings from various reports and sources…

  • 70% of Americans want to actively improve their lives.
  • The average person uses 13 different methods to control and manage their time.
  • The self-help industry is still growing even when we were hit by a recession.
  • People are so busy they forget, on average, five important facts/tasks every day (Avery Office & Consumer Products Survey)
  • 25% of the population said they were relied on to remember too much and 1/5 said there weren’t enough hours in the day for them to get on top of everything that needed to be done.
  • 20% forget our passwords and 25% of us end up with a dead battery on our mobile phone when we forget to charge it.
  • 12% forget to turn their alarm clocks off and almost 10% find they start the washing up and then conveniently forget about it.
  • 7/10 said they were completely dependent on lists to keep themselves organized (hmmm… now WHERE did I put that darn list?).

Is this you? Can you relate?

Gregg Corbett (Marketing director) said: ”People have so much to do in their lives that the most basic things like remembering to bring lunch to work or replying to important emails are being completely forgotten about. This then causes further complications when we try to correct things that we’ve overlooked, adding even more things to our ever growing list of daily tasks.”

People Are Desperately Looking For Simpler Life!

  • We are looking for ways to de-clutter and organize our life
  • We keep getting the urge to buy more stuff that we don’t need
  • We are always looking to simplify, make less frustrating and gain more time
  • We just want to feel more grateful for what we have
  • As entrepreneurs and business owners, we’re feeling overwhelmed and bogged down by “too much to do”
  • We just want to live a more fulfilling life and one with purpose
  • We just want to get more done… with less effort and with less time needed.

There IS HOPE, there are methods, there is a way…

And this is the start! Stay Tuned For GOOD NEWS!!


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